Cal NORML News –
US Attorney Melinda Haag has announced a new policy that
effectively overrides the AG’s previous declared policy in the Ogden
memo.  Under the new policy, DOJ will pursue large MMJ “superstores”
on account of their size, regardless of whether they are in compliance
with state law.   This puts Haag at odds with her boss, Eric Holder,
who recently testified to the House Judiciary Committee that the Ogden
policy was still in effect.
The stage is set for an epic  legal battle.  Harborside has
vowed not to close its doors and to fight to the hilt in federal
court.  So far, they have not been charged with anything;  only their
landlords in Oakland and San Jose have received forfeiture notices.
Neither landlord received a prior warning letter from DOJ.
Supporters are urged to make their views known to the
President via the White House Complaint line:  
or www.whitehouse.gov/contact.
Everyone is invited to join in a protest of President Obama’s
visit to Oaksterdam on July 23rd, 3:30 PM.  Details  forthcoming.
– D. Gieringer, Cal NORML

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Subject: U.S. Attorney: Why I’m busting Harborside Health Center


U.S. Attorney: Why I‚m busting Harborside Health Center

This from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag in San Francisco:

On Monday, July 9, this office filed civil forfeiture actions

against 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, California, and 2106 Ringwood

Avenue, San Jose, where Harborside, a marijuana dispensary claiming

over 108,000 customers, operates.

This office has used its limited resources to address those

marijuana dispensaries that operate close to schools, parks and

playgrounds. As I have said in the past, this is a non-exclusive

list of factors relevant to whether we should commence civil

forfeiture actions against marijuana properties, and circumstances

may require us to address other situations.

I now find the need to consider actions regarding marijuana

superstores such as Harborside. The larger the operation, the

greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state‚s

medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals

who do not have a demonstrated medical need.

The filing of the civil forfeiture complaints against the two

Harborside properties is part of our measured effort to address the

proliferation of illegal marijuana businesses in the Northern

District of California.

The way I read the statement, Harborside hasn‚t actually done

anything illegal (at least in terms of California law) that we can

find. but because it‚s big, it must be guilty.

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