We prefer cookies at Green Relief as they are better for suggesting more accurate dosages to work effectually and not over dose. Over dosing will not hurt you but can give you an panic attack, but if you find you have over dosed, it is just best to find a comfortable place to sleep it off. One needs to have very serious pain issues, in our opinion to benefit most from this type of relief.

April 10, 2011One CommentHealth and Fitness ,

Many times I have patients come into the office and tell me they DO NOT want to smoke medical marijuana.   Most of them think they would prefer to ingest it either in the form of a solid food of liquid.    The purpose of this post is to give you education on why I feel using edibles are not the best route of administration. READ ON…

As the medical marijuana industry expands there are many individuals and companies who are looking to cash in on getting their product in dispensaries.   The amounts and variety of medical marijuana edibles that patients are finding in dispensaries is expanding by the day.   Whether it is a soda, cookie, brownie, lollypop, bon-bon or tea patients are inundated with choices when the go to their local dispensary.

Here are the main issues I see with medical marijuana edibles and why I advise extreme caution in using them.

1.  The strength and dose varies greatly and it is very difficult to find the right amount to eat to provide you with symptomatic relief.   Typically an edible is given a single, double or triple strength label.  However you have no idea what that means or how many milligrams of THC are actually in the edible.  Typically dispensary workers will tell patients to just try a quarter piece first and see how they feel.  Unfortunately a quarter piece may be way too much or way too little medication.

For example lets assume you need 10 mg of THC to get the desired effect.  You may find one cookie has 100 mg total, another 5 mg and another 1 mg.   If you eat half of the first you are wasted, if you eat half of the second you may not feel anything and if you purchase the third you just wasted your money.

2.  It can take up to 3 hours for the medicine to hit your system when you eat it.   Everyone’s digestive system is different s one person can eat an edible and feel the effects in 30 minutes, another may not feel anything for 2-3 hours.   This can be problematic because many times patients need/want immediate relief.  Also, there is no way for you to determine how much you have eaten until it hits your system.

In addition, once ingested, marijuana first goes to your liver where 9-THC is converted to 11-THC.   11-THC is significantly more psychoactive and is responsible to for the extreme highs that patients experience when eating marijuana.

3. There is currently no quality control over edibles.   Unlike other food products, the health department is not overseeing the manufacturing of marijuana edibles.  You have no idea of where they are ultimately being made.  I have seen edibles covered in mold being sold at local dispensaries.   Others have tested for highly pathogenic bacteria.

Lately I seen a few products that have more professional packaging and labeling.   They listed the amount of proteins, carbs, fats and total calories but the exact amounts of THC were unknown.

I do have patients that use edibles but 99% of them make their own.   That eliminates many of the variables that make buying them dangerous.

The bottom line is that inhaling cannabis is a much safer and efficacious method of delivery when using marijuana.   Vaporizers are smoke free and provide very little odor.