February 13, 2013 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

ennis Hill, a Bio chemist, kills his Prostate cancer using cannabis oil

This professional bio-chemist, with 30 plus years in the medical fields claims,

get this,

really get this,

cannabis kills all forms of cancer cells…


end of discussion!

The only issue is how fast do you want to do the deed? Simpson cannabis oil
(mislabeled hemp oil) is the top choice.

Ghee cannabis will do the deed, but much slower.

As oil or ghee, the application is direct application to the site. You use your
skin to directly absorb the agents, not your digestive system.

Cannabis will do the deed, but the modality of application is an issue to
achieve an efficacious result. Smoking it is probably the least efficacious for
various internal cancers.

Dennis Hill is now fully aware of the entire history of cannabis reseach and
claims the foundational facts were established by 1960. Researchers in various
circles have known that long but no professional communcation was permitted. The
facts have been supressed for that long.

He claims it works because the effect on cellular and immune system function is
profound and multi-dimensional. The response to cannabinoids in ALL MAMMALS
mediates a wide spectum immune system activation. It is AS IF, mammals have
evolved during the last 500 milllion years with cannbinoids in much the same
way they have evolved with various digestive bacteria which provide half the
work or more (pro-biotics) of enabling mammals to assimiliate nuitrients.

This new paradigm in now sweeping through the minds of humanity and will rapidly
alter the medical community.

This also lends credence to the notion, unfortunately, that the supression of
popular use of cannabis was and is essential for the advent of the genocide
programs of “the creature”.

Dennis Hill, who worked in top flight cancer fighting hospitals for 30 years,
advocates that any cancer “hint” should immediately be treated with cannabis.
He was last stage terminal (he never thought he would get it) before getting
diagnosed. He says he wisely avoided the noxious treatments, which he knew
would destroy his immune system, and went directly for cannabis. It worked and
will work for anyone as long as they avoid being destroyed by radiation and
chemo-toxic poisening. For him he went from last stage of metastasis to no
signs of cancer anywhere in his body in six months.

This message will directly save untold numbers of people. This message is also
exceptionally important, I cannot stress this enough, in finalizing many issues
wide, far, and beyond. With contemplation and deep meditation on this and
related issues, we can now become decisive in making many moral decisions about
what is appropriate or not in dealing with circumstances… Please share this
message widely.

Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona USA at mwman@…