Safe Cannabis Consumption Practices for Children

Posted by  Jeandre Gerber on 07/10/2013 in Medical Marijuana Patient Stories

Whenever you say place the word “Cannabis” right next to the word “Children”  red flags go up for most people. They think “how can I allow a baby to get high on pot” when in reality they are allowing their minds to be clouded with decades worth of programming.

Ever since the medical marijuana world came to be in 1996, plenty of patients under the age of 18 have used medical cannabis with positive results. Children with inoperable brain tumors and cancers were treated with little to no side effects and now continue to live normal and healthier lives.

The first thing you need to understand is that children won’t vaporize cannabis like adults would, rather that would use essential hemp oils and raw cannabis leaves to fight cancer.

Essential Hemp Oils – We know that essential hemp oils fights cancers and age has nothing to do with it. It’s always strange to see people send their children under harmful radiation in hopes of curing cancer and would scowl you for taking your child for cancer treatment with cannabis oils. Cannabis is much more effective than radiation with absolutely zero side effects. No hair loss, no nausea and you won’t have to stand by and see your child wither in front of your eyes. For babies the essential hemp oils are placed in their pacifiers and slowly released throughout the day.

Raw Cannabis Leaves –  Even you should be eating raw cannabis leaves since it will not get you high and is absolutely awesome for your health. For your child you can mix the leaves into smoothies with cancer fighting fruits such as oranges, raspberries, strawberries and so on. Your child will devour the smoothies and their health will skyrocket as a result. Who said medicine should taste nasty?

You don’t have to get your child high to help fight cancer with cannabis. In fact the two methods mentioned above will absolutely not get your child high and will most definitely have a general positive effect. More doctors are hopping on board and there are a few stellar success stories with this treatment. It’s only a matter of time until this is an official treatment for cancer.