Cal NORML Alert – Proposed LA Ban on E-Cigs, Vaporizers Harmful to Marijuana Patients – Hearings Dec 18th.
The Los Angeles City Council will be voting on a bill to ban e-cigs and vaporizers in non-smoking areas next Wed., Dec. 18th at 10 am.
E-cigs are broadly defined in the bill so as to include vaporizers used for marijuana and other medicinal herbs.
Studies by Cal NORML have shown that vaporizers eliminate harmful smoke toxins from marijuana, delivering a virtually pure stream of medically active ingredients. Cal NORML has long recommended vaporizers to medical cannabis patients, many of whom are prevented from smoking their medicine on account of anti-smoking rules.
The same is true of nicotine vaporizers. Studies show that they pose no second-hand health hazard to bystanders, and offer appreciable harm reduction benefits to smokers. In effect, vaporizers eliminate the risk of smoke-related respiratory diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, or asthma. Many users report having successfully given up smoking altogether thanks to e-cigs.
Angelenos are urged to contact City Council and urge them to say no to the proposed e-cig ban. If this ordinance passes, it will become impossible for patients to inhale their medicine in any indoors space outside their home (and residential landlords may start banning renters from using them as well).

Read CalNORML’s testimony on e-cigarettes
CalNORML helped defeat an e-cigarette ban at the state level this year arguing it would infringe on medical marijuana patients’ rights.

– D. Gieringer, Cal NORML

Alert from CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Assoc.)
Tell the L.A. City Council that E-Cigarette Use is NOT Smoking!

The Los Angeles City Council will soon be considering an ordinance that would senselessly ban e-cigarette use in thousands of private workplaces, restaurants, bars, and outdoor areas within the city. The L.A. City Council has been misled by deceitful health officials who have claimed e-cigarettes are toxic, are of no benefit to adult smokers, and are designed to get children to smoke real cigarettes.

We need to counter this misleading propaganda, and we need to do it fast and in great numbers.


1. Attend the hearing and vote on this measure on Wed. December 18, 2013 at 10 a.m. at City Hall at 200 North Spring Street. While not required, attendees are strongly encouraged to testify in opposition.

2. Call the below City Council members and state that you are an L.A. or nearby resident, that you want them to vote NO on the e-cigarette usage restrictions, and briefly tell your story about how e-cigarettes changed your life and how you use them throughout your daily life without disturbing others.

i. Communicate to the politicians ˆ you vape and you vote!

ii. Call as many or as few as you want, but we need a large response from hundreds of vapers to make change!

3. Find out which L.A. City Council member represents you on the City Council by using the L.A. City Council‚s website located at Call this councilmember, say you are a constituent of theirs, and ask for a telephone call or meeting to discuss your concerns about the ordinance.

So please, take out your cell phone right now and make some quick phone calls to the members of the NYC Health Committee to stop this ordinance!
(You can leave a message if calling after hours.)

Gilbert Cedillo: 213-473-7001 Paul Krekorian: 213-473-7002 Bob Blumenfield: 213-473-7003

Tom LaBonge: 213-473-7004 Joe Buscaino: 213-473-7015 Nury Martinez: 213-473-7006

Felipe Fuentes: 213-473-7007 Bernard Parks: 213-473-7008 Curren D. Price: 213-473-7009

Herb J. Wesson: 213-473-7010 Mike Bonin: 213-473-7011 Mitchell Englander: 213-473-7012

Mitch O’Farrell: 213-473-7013 Jose Huizar: 213-473-7014 Paul Koretz: 213-473-7005

Dale Gieringer
California NORML
2261 Market St. #278A, San Francisco CA 94114 –