by Anonymous510000 (not verified), May 30, 2014, 10:28pm
What most people fail to realize is that there is a hidden payoff to the ATF in these ‘sting’ operations. Since they are widely known as a corrupt gov’t agency, this activity comes as no surprise. The message that these operations send is clear: Don’t rip off drug dealers. Why does the ATF want this message to be gotten across? Because it suits their purposes. Many times, agents are on the take in drug-dealing operations. These shake-downs take time and energy to set up. Once the cash cow, or ‘blind pig’ is established, agents don’t want it messed with. A rip off of a paying drug operation hurts them as much as it does any regular ‘dealer’. You will find that there are many instances where police (and agency) protection is implicit for an established dope house. The cops share in the proceeds. Anyone who doubts this ought to watch the documentary-drama ‘City of God’, about Brazil’s dangerous cocaine trade. Speaking of temptations, shakedowns of lucrative drug houses are a big enticement and factor in corrupting law enforcement, as the movie makes quite plain. Much of the untraceable dope money winds up in their hands, eventually. Of course, they want to keep it that way. What people don’t consider is that a dirty cop can be blackmailed into looking the other way for all sorts of criminal activity. I will never forget learning about police involvement in the drug trade first hand. One night in the 1980’s I was at my dealer’s house. Some guys came to the front door in black masks with guns, demanding all the dope and money. She gave them the dope she had (ostensibly tar heroin (but of course, noone really knows what it was/ is or could be without testing it, though people don’t consider this fact) and they took off, spinning wheels and all. I was stunned. “What are you going to do?” I asked. “Call the cops!” She replied. “What?!” I couldn’t believe it. “Listen honey,” she explained: “Its their money, too!” The cops came to the door. I listened in awe as she explained to them what they took, and what sort of car they drove, which way they went, etc. The cops said “Don’t worry. We’ll get ’em!” Off they went. This, I learned, was the way things were done in Seattle. It was satisfying somehow to see this widespread corruption exposed in 2010 or so. You can verify it for yourself. These things are hidden from the public. Very carefully. What is plain is that the only way to end this insanity is to STOP the Drug Wars!