It’s kind of funny when prohibitionists like former drug czar William J. Bennett and federal prosecutor Robert A. White talk about “science” supporting prohibition. Almost all of the “facts” they spoke about at the Heritage Foundation event this past Monday were disproved by other studies.

They talk about “science” yet when all scientific evidence proves that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol…they remain silent. They talk about “science” when the past 76+ years of marijuana prohibition has been based on propaganda, yellow journalism, dubious claims and prohibition based studies.

They talk about “science” yet only allow a handful of people to study cannabis, usually with the purpose of proving its dangers…hardly finding anything. The fact of the matter is that they have lied continually, for more than 7 decades about cannabis.

Now they want us to trust their “science”.

Their science is BS to the third degree. We have counts of studies from all over the world supporting the legalization of cannabis. Are those studies not “science”? Are Harvard professors lying about the benefits of cannabis?

It’s time these old geezers quietly enter the eternal slumber…they proliferated the drug war, they arrested millions of people, they catered to prohibition based industries at the expense of the public.

Sorry Drug Czars, the cat is out of the bag…you cannot unlearn truth…and the truth is that Cannabis is safer than the currently legal substances and actually helps decrease alcohol and tobacco consumption.

They try and try…and every time the cannabis movement gains more momentum. Legalize it!