Testimony from a pain sufferer Matt

Amazingly good alternative health care support. Everything is 100% Organic and they truly want to help those who are in poor health. I have been a client for over 4 years and will not consider anyone else.
The owner/founder really goes out of his way to help his patients as much as he possibly can. Whether that is with herbal medication, research on how herbal medications may help chronic or possibly fatal health problems, or connecting patients with similar ailments so they can converse with each other.
Before poor health took me out of the daily grind I was vehimently against Marijuana. I had never tried it and believed everything negative that I heard and refused believe that there MIGHT be medical applications. I was ignorant because I reused to look at the subject from any other point of view. Additionally, I internally judged those who did use it medically and recreationally (which included immediate my family).
In late 2006, I became very ill out of nowhere and medical tests were revealing absolutelynothing. A pain that I cannot even begin to describe would overtake my whole abdomen, forcing my abs to lock in a flexed position and caused nausea and violent vomiting. After a few visits to the ER and shots of Dilaudid (very strong Opiate medication) to control pain, a good friend who was getting his masters in IT, suggested I get out of my own way and just see if Marijuana may help. Finally, during a nasty attack of very intense pain and uncontrollable vomiting I gave in and asked his assistance in trying Marijuana... Almost immediately I stopped vomiting, my nausea subsided and my pain was greatly reduced, allowing me to avoid the ER and opiate medications(mostly) for about 5 months.
I am still undiagnosed and do have to use opiate medications but it is kept minimal partly because of the diligence and commitment of Green Relief.