Morton five-year-old participating in medical marijuana trial

PEORIA – Five-year-old Owen Watts can be a bit of a handful. But he has a pretty good reason for it; it’s called Dravet Syndrome.He is having a lot of seizure activity in his brain all through the day and night,” his mom Stephanie Sailors said.

She says she’s tried everything to help him except medical marijuana.

“This is our last resort right now, really. It’s the last thing we’ve go to help him,” she said.

We first told you Owen’s story last year, he has a rare epilepsy disorder.

When we first talked to his mom in July, she was eager to get him enrolled in a medical marijuana trial out of Chicago.

This week, he took his first dose.

Owen just started a trial of Epidiolex, a cannabis oil without THC, the chemical that would get you high.

Tuesday, Owen and his mom went up to Chicago for his first round. They’ll go back every two weeks for the next three months.

But there’s a catch: because it’s a trial, they don’t know if it’s the actual drug.

“We go back, and they tell us, you know, do you think that you’ve seen a change. And then they tell you whether or not he was taking the placebo or the actual Epidiolex,” Sailors said

The cannabis is meant to slow his brain down. “He’s extremely busy. He has no attention span at all, which effects him learning at school. I would love for him to be able to socialize with other children,” she said.

While Sailors says Epidiolex has worked for other Dravet patients, she’s still hesitant.

“Now, I’m just trying not to get my hopes up because I know it’s not a cure all,” she said.

But she’s ready to see her son get better even if it’s just a little bit.

“I’ll take any improvement at all,” she added.

Even if Owen ends up with the placebo, he will still get a chance to use the Epidiolex.

They will give it to him after the three months, and he’ll get to use it for a year.

And we will be sure to follow Owen throughout his entire journey to find out what kind of effect it will have on his seizures.

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