by Luke Sumpter

ON JULY 10, 2015

The cultural narrative of many countries is one that speaks of the cannabis plant as being a legitimate threat to mental and physical health and therefore rendering it a threat to the populace — deserving to be forbidden and restricted behind government classification.This typically archaic mentality is slowly peeling away, layer by layer, around the world. Governing bodies are starting to accept the science that recognizes the medicinal value of the plant, displaying its effectiveness against an array of disorders from the minor to the major.

In regards to the major: the internet is now abundantly flourishing with evidence — of both the anecdotal and scientific varieties — that suggests and outright proves cannabis, in all its taboo-shattering glory, is effective against tumor cells and certain types of cancer.

Reset spoke to 33-year old father of one David Hibbitt, from Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom, who claims to have defeated terminal cancer via the administration of a high potency cannabis extract in the form of oil.

Hibbitt told Reset,  “I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel [colon] cancer along with infected lymph nodes in July 2012. I received chemotherapy and radiation treatment along with the surgical removal of the cancer from my large bowel during February 2013. I was then given the all clear.”

Hibbitt continues, “The cancer returned in my scrotum. This was then removed during June 2013, and was followed up by 12 weeks of chemotherapy. I was given the all clear, once again, at the beginning of November 2013.

“The cancer then returned to my lymph nodes around my groin during December 2013, however it was not diagnosed until the following February, due to being mistaken for scar tissue. I received the news in February that I was now terminal.”

Upon receiving the devastating news that he was terminal, with an estimated period of between 18 months and 5 years to live, Hibbitt decided to utilize the healing qualities of cannabis oil as a last resort treatment.

Hibbitt explains: “I had chemotherapy for a further 3 months, then I started to take the cannabis oil. I started avoiding chemotherapy sessions and instead started consuming approximately 1 gram of the oil per week. I then completely halted chemotherapy in August 2014 and was sent for a scan; the results showed a nodule present in one of my lungs. I then decided to up the dosage to 1 gram of oil per day and was soon after sent to receive a PET scan.”

Hibbitt went on, “The PET scan revealed that the cancer in my lung had disappeared. The doctor then wanted to remove my lymph nodes and administer conventional treatment afterwards. I refused the following treatment and have remained cancer free ever since.”

Before And After

It is quite obvious that cannabis oil played a major role in the fight for Hibbitt’s life. “My doctor was almost speechless,” says Hibbitt. “Upon seeing the effectiveness, he told me to just continue what it was I was doing.”

Despite this particular anecdote — and scores more that parallel Hibbitt’s — cannabis is a class B substance in the United Kingdom, where Hibbitt resides, and possession alone is a punishable offense.

The scientific cup is overflowing with evidence showing why cases such as Hibbitt’s are not only possible, but widespread. The National Cancer Institute notes thatcannabinoids, compounds found within the cannabis plant, trigger certain receptors found within the body that produce pharmacologic effects, particularly in the central nervous system and the immune system. It has also been discovered that certain cannabinoids make cancerous cells more susceptible to the immune-defending abilities of white blood cells.

Hibbitt added, “The only reason I can think that it is not legally available to people medically is because they cannot compete with the street price and would not be able to make a profit. Nothing else makes sense, as it has proven to help so many people.”

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