Combination Most Effective

Research suggests that CBD or Cannabidiol reduces cancer cell proliferation, invasion and metastasis by inhibiting gene mutation expression. While this is exciting news in the arena of disease prevention, further study shows that when combined with THC, the synergistic healing effects can be profound. Where it is true that CBD is a powerful anti-oxidant, when combined with THC, the body seems to gain (or regain) the ability to treat the underlying illness while also purging mutated cells. These two mechanisms in combination are the foundational concept behind Cannabis Oil Therapy. The synergistic healing effect of Cannabinoids when ingested orally can be be subtle yet total. By reestablishing the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis we are able to bring the body’s physiology back in tune or harmony. Once we are back in balance then our bodies are able to return to a “pro-generate” health building cycle rather than a degenerative disease process. There isn’t a health care professional on the planet that would argue against naturally and safely maintaining physiological balance.

OCGR_IndOil_2015_12_2_FinalFurther – a great deal of research suggests that many of the problems we associate with aging stem from our own body’s inability to protect itself from Free-Radical-induced inflammation and oxidative stress. The field of Anti-aging is fertile ground for testing these compounds in the centuries old fight against aging itself. Cardiovascular, autoimmune, neurological disorders, cancers, and the aging process are all thought to have free radicals as a causative agent. Cannabinoid compounds are known to act as a neurological sheath that gives the body additional strength under stress. By binding up these free radicals antioxidants we see many profound healing effects.

As Applied to:

Neurological illness Research has shown the minimizing of plaque and calcification build up associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, A.L.S or Parkinson’s disease.

In Cancer(s) and Oncological diagnoses science shows CBD and THC compounds working together synergistically to prevent metastasis and simultaneously devour muted or cancerous cells in the blood, bone, tissue and organs. The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD compound addresses the underlying condition(s) that cause gene mutations such as cancer. Restoration of homeostasis can often reverse the body’s decline and degeneration. Research also shows that the THC compounds will actually destroy and devour mutated cells – in many cases causing tumor death and even reversals of diagnosis.

Auto-Immune Disorders such as Hashimoto’s, Epstein-Barr syndrome or Crohn’s disease appear to improve by treating underlying physiology for inflammation. Simply put: The stimulation of the underlying Endocannabinoid system gives the body back its ability to re-regulate each of its regulatory systems. By stimulating the EndoCannabinoid system, we are in turn stimulating and gently supportting each of our body’s own naturally occurring regulatory systems.

Psychiatric or Psychological Disorders such as PTSD or Anxiety seem to be improved by three main mechanisms. The first is restoring the body’s natural ability to sleep and rest naturally without the need for pharmaceutical medication. The second is to re-balance the body hormonally and electro-chemically. This whole system stimulation will include re-invigorating the body’s ability to naturally produce Dopamine, Seratonin and other regulatory chemicals in the brain. The third mechanism of healing is regaining the ability to forget an event or trauma. Everyone would agree that a person’s ability to remember or recall is absolutely vital. But what is most often overlooked in therapy is our ability to forget. The relief, safety and space that one feels by not having to remember is very healing. It allows the patient to control the rate at which they recall and thus allows them a personal sense of empowered recovery. As applied to PTSD for example, it’s a simple conclusion that one’s ability to rest and forget is absolutely essential for full recovery. Fighting depression, supporting undisturbed sleep and restoring the ability to forget is life changing for most long term PTSD sufferers.

Age related illness is prevented through the prolonged support and stimulation of the Endocannabinoid system. Stimulation of this natural system supports all of the body’s physiological systems and does so on all fronts. By fighting oxidation, and protecting us from free radicals, we are relieved of many of the degenerative physical symptoms associated with aging and age related illness. Like any instrument, the longer the body stays in tune, the longer it will remain free from decline.