When we get emails like this it makes me feel good. We sincerely do like helping people. Helping to make a positive difference in families. I wanted to share this. I would welcome more people that we have helped to send us emails on if we did or not make a difference with our herbal cannabis.

Hi Ron,

Please don’t use my full name okay?

Dear Ron,

I just want to share how the cannabis oils are helping my mom who has Stage 4 breast cancer. When we got the diagnosis back in February, it came out of the blue. My mom was still working full-time at the fine age of 75 and she wasn’t slowing down. Everything changed when her test results came back. She chose to not do chemotherapy or radiation, which left me frantically searching for the right protocol to put her on.

She was placed on hospice and part of the “comfort care package” consisted of 16 different pharmaceuticals, including morphine. I was horrified when I saw the amount of medication they wanted to give her to stay “comfortable”. in my opinion, that much medication would surely cause liver failure.

As soon asI got her home with me, we slowly got her off most of the meds. However, the one thing that we couldn’t get control over was the diabilitating nausea. My mom lost her desire to eat and was losing fat and muscle mass at a rapid pace.

After much research ( I have known about the benefits of CBD oil for years), we obtained a prescription for medical marijuana and that is how I connected with Ron and OC Green Relief. My mom started taking the oils in June and her nausea began to subside. Within a few weeks, her appetite returned and she was sleeping much better. The oils also helped her with anxiety, headaches and gave her an overall sense of well-being, in the midst of this challenging season.

My mom has been taking the oil for 4 months now and Ron has been there for us every step of the way to assist and guide us in choosing the best oils for her specific condition. My mom has said many times that if it wasn’t for the oils she would be suffering or dead by now.

As we sit here together working on a dollhouse, I can say I still have my momma with me and she is doing so much better since taking the oils!

As a homeopathic practitioner and one who knows a whole lot about alternative medicine, I highly recommend this mode of treatment and am so thankful to have met Ron. He has such a heart to help others and is trustworthy and dependable!

Thank you OC Green Relief!